The 24 Best Inexpensive Bathroom Products for Men

The most important thing about the best inexpensive bathroom products for men? They get the job done—they’ll get you cleaned off, lined up, and ready for whatever the day serves up.  

The truth is, you don’t need a big budget in order to have an effective, thorough grooming regimen. Sure, it can start to add up if you incorporate multiple serums, prescription products, multiple devices, fragrances, and anything from luxury labels. But remember: Most products out there are building on top of a baseline regimen, which itself is doing most of the heavy lifting.  If hitting the essentials across hair, body, face, and so on, then you’re going to make drastic, noticeable progress. And the best affordable grooming products will help you do exactly that.

You should still be cognizant of the ingredients list, but skin- and hair-parching products are easy to avoid, even on the drugstore shelves. And many lower-cost brands are harnessing the latest science that makes synthetic products as good (if not better) than (often expensive) natural ones. 

Or! Just let us do the sorting for you. Here are best inexpensive bathroom products for men, across key categories like skin care, beard & shave, hair, body, and fragrance. 

The Best Face Wash

Newcomer Fieldtrip is a terrific brand for building your baseline skincare regimen. This cushioning clay cleanser is a gentle but deep detox, suitable for all skin types.

The Best Acne-Focused + Oily Skin Cleanser

CeraVe salicylic acid cleanser

Salicylic acid controls oil and unclogs pores, promoting your healthiest, brightest complexion while the cleanser itself flushes away excess sebum. CeraVe’s SA cleanser will keep skin balanced, and leaves it feeling every bit as hydrated as before the wash. 

The Best Face Scrub

Harry’s exfoliating face wash (3 pack)

This trio supply could last you an entire year, assuming you don’t scrub your skin every single day (Which you shouldn’t!). Doing so will discard of dead cells and keep your skin looking its brightest and clearest while also feeling its smoothest. Harry’s face scrub doubles as a cleanser, so your “everyday” face wash suddenly lasts twice as long, too.

The Best Exfoliator

The Ordinary 10% lactic acid + 2% hyaluronic acid serum

The two acids in this serum are doing completely opposite things. First and foremost is the high concentration of lactic acid, to exfoliate surface skin cells and prevent rough texture, discoloration, and clogged pores. Second is the ultra hydrating hyaluronic acid to keep skin supple and firm. Use this twice a week as your primary exfoliating agent. (No face scrub needed.)

The Best Moisturizer

Neutrogena oil-free sensitive skin moisturizer

Everyone on God’s green earth could use this lightweight lotion. It’s formulated for sensitive folks, while also lacking any oil to prevent clogged pores on acne-prone folks.

The Best Moisturizer with SPF

Cetaphil oil-absorbing SPF 30 moisturizer

Daily hydration and sun protection are both essential, and Cetaphil’s moisturizer exceeds expectations by also mitigating oil accumulation on the skin. It leaves you with a matte face and invisible sunshield. Note this is Cetaphil’s “pro” line—the normal stuff works fine, but it’s worth the upgrade.

The Best Night Cream

RoC uses an effective anti-aging ingredient called hexinol in this night cream; when paired with a good night’s sleep (and over the course of a few months), this product can smooth fine lines and have people commenting things like “What’s different about you? You seem so… refreshed!”

The Best Face Serum

Retinol is like a cheat code for better skin. It comes in eye-waveringly expensive creams and prescription-only formulas, but also this (relatively) affordable serum. This isn’t nearly as strong as what you can get from a dermatologist, but in some ways that’s a good thing, because the prescription-grade stuff can also irritate the skin of new users. Apply this between cleansing and moisturizing, only in the evening, and start slow—maybe every other day until your skin gets used to it.

The Best Deodorant

Old Spice classic deodorant (2 pack)

What was quite likely the first deodorant you ever owned is still one of the best in the game. This deodorant stick from Old Spice (in its classic scent, which rules to this day) is guaranteed to prevent smells no matter how many hours you log or miles you run. And since it’s not an anti-perspirant, it won’t turn your white shirts yellow. 

The Best Antiperspirant Deodorant

Degree 48-hour antiperspirant deodorant Cool Rush scent (6 pack)

Sometimes you need an antiperspirant, and health concerns around these are overblown. For just 12 bones, you get a 6-pack of this 48-hour defense against moisture and odor. Is any deal better?

The Best Shampoo

When I was growing up Suave was a punchline. But this new tea tree-scented release is actually kind of incredible—it does a good job cleaning and smells like something that costs $30, not $3. (Of course, no matter how much you like the scent, one of the best things you can do for your hair is washing it less often, so don’t get hooked.)

The Best Conditioner

OGX argan oil conditioner

Argan oil is one of my favorite ingredients in skin and hair care, given its ability to restore moisture to the driest conditions. This cult-favorite, low-cost conditioner from OGX, which delivers a flood of nutrients (with argan oil chief among them), helping it rebound from lifelessness or a dehydrating shampoo.

The Best Bar Soap

Dove face and body bar soap (8 pack)

The king of syndet bars (that is, synthetic detergent); this formula is so beloved by dermatologists and consumers alike; it lasts a long time, is gentle enough on your face, plus leaves skin soft and supple.

The Best Body Wash

Dr. Bronner’s tea tree castille soap

Technically, this soap cleans everything, including the kitchen sink. But we love it for a full-body cleanse; as a bonus, the tea tree oil balances oil production and neutralizes odor.

The Best Hair Products 

Layrite high-hold hair clay

Layrite is a bedrock staple of barbershops for a reason. These come in a bunch of finishes: If you want day-long hold with matte finish, then get a water-soluble clay styler in rotation. 

American Crew medium hold cream

This lightweight cream is reworkable throughout the day, and suits just about every hair type and texture. It gives you medium hold and medium shine, and even works as an excellent finishing touch to tame flyaways and frizz.

The Best Hair Loss Treatment

Kirkland minoxidil 5% (6 pack)

You heard it here: Kirkland makes minoxidil. The onetime expensive drug (Rogaine) went generic and is available OTC—in bulk, no less. This 6-pack costs the same as other brands’ monthly options, and might even last you 6-8 months when used daily. Make sure to read up on how minoxidil works (as well as other hair loss remedies), but know that by the time you’re through these bottles, you’ll be sprouting much more (and stronger) hair.

The Best Fragrances

Calvin Klein CK Everyone (1.6 oz.)

A woody-floral unisex scent with crisp citrus undertones, a dab or two of CK Everyone on your pulse points will cast a refreshing, invigorating radius.

Duke Cannon solid cologne (bourbon scent)

Apply a sliver of this balm to your wrists and neck, and you’ll smell like bourbon in the best way possible: that woodsy, oak-barrel essence—and definitely not the smell of a frat house on a Sunday morning.

The Best Affordable SPF

Sun Bum SPF 50 broad-spectrum body sunscreen (8 oz.)

This oil-free, reef-friendly body sunblock gives you thorough sun protection, and without harmful ingredients like octinoxate and oxybenzone. It nourishes skin with Vitamin E and is water resistant up to 80 minutes. The 8-oz. bottle should last you multiple trips to the beach, too.

The Best Shaving Cream

This shaving gel harnesses the soothing power of aloe to lubricate your razor and fight razor burn and adds a lovely menthol scent—it’ll wake you right up in the morning.

The Best Razors

Schick Hydro 5 sensitive skin razor (razor + 2 refills)

These five smooth-gliding blades deliver a thorough, efficient shave. Schick’s Hydro razor adjusts to any change of pressure applied, and its refill blades are also pretty affordable.

Best Hand and Body Lotion

Aveeno moisturizing lotion

OK, maybe your mom uses this one. So what? You think you know better than the woman who gave birth to you about finding an effective and unscented body moisturizer? Use it to maintain soft, smooth skin, or to quickly restore yourself if you’ve gotten dry and cracked.

Best Beard Oil

We’ve called it our favorite beard oil, and a couple drops daily can mitigate things like beard dandruff and itching.  

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