Is BMW Developing Exterior Air Freshening Know-how?

If you have ever walked up to your vehicle and felt that the air around it just did not smell opulent ample, BMW may possibly have you covered in the future. A current patent submitting uncovered by CarBuzz looks to advise that BMW is functioning on a engineering to freshen the air bordering the exterior of a car or truck, so that it smells really as you around your car.

According to the patent filing, the entrance Roundel on the hood will increase up and spritz scented air for the passengers to odor as they enter. What types of scents would you like as you enter your automobile? BMW will possible offer scented cartridges, just as it does for inside fragrances in cars and trucks like the 7 Series but it would be appealing if homeowners could customize their scents (I suggestion my hat to CarBuzz for beating me to the burnt oil scent joke). What transpires when there’s a breeze that usually takes your scent away, though? And what takes place to the BMW iX, will it drop its washer fluid filler to an exterior air freshener?

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Is this a thing which is essentially all that practical, outside of becoming anything that snobby wealthy persons brag about? Not seriously but when it arrives to the long run of EVs, automakers are patenting all kinds of wacky technologies, hoping to differentiate their automobiles from competitors’. Because EVs come to feel mostly the similar, in terms of powertrain and overall performance, differentiating them in other unique approaches is going to be a lot more and more popular.

Of study course, BMW could concentration on making much more participating patterns, alternatively of perfuming the air encompassing a car, but Tesla has tested that EV buyers like shiny, silly toys. In any other case there wouldn’t be whoopee cushion functions inside of. So developing perfumed entry air does seem like something EV clients would discuss about on discussion boards. There would also normally be countless posts about how the Roundel became frozen in the up situation, regularly spraying sandlewood-scented fragrance into the air.

[Source: CarBuzz]

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