Decorating with primary colors – tips for uplifting decor

We will say it now, we have always been fans of decorating with primary colors. In an interior design world that so often favors the neutral, it’s refreshing to see even a splash of cobalt blue or vivid yellow. The primaries are just so much, well… interesting. But we understand that they aren’t the easiest colors to decorate with, and it’s tricky to bring these bolder hues into your home if you aren’t one for a statement. Yet, red, yellow, and blue are on the rise and there are ways to bring them into your home even if you are a colorphobe.

Primary colors are featuring again in color trends right now. They are ‘true’ colors – meaning they are the colors that create all other colors and cannot be created by mixing any other color. Now there is some debate as to whether black and white should also be considered primary colors, but for the sake of argument, we are going with red, yellow and blue as being the primary colors. 

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