Best Shower Caddies 2023

The best shower caddies provides extra storage in your bathroom to organize your toiletries, have enough clearance to fit your tallest shampoo or soap bottles, won’t rust, and most importantly, won’t be a nightmare to clean. And unlike the shower caddy from your freshman year, it should look great in your bathroom and seamlessly fit in with your style. Our pick is the Simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy, a rust-proof, sleek option that comes in three sizes and even goes over-the-door to fit almost every bathroom style. That said, there are several choices on this list to fit every budget and storage needs.

When looking for a good shower caddy, focus first on the dimensions of your shower essentials, recommends Lauren Nearpass, co-counder and chief happy camper officer of Summer 365, a consulting service that helps families find summer experiences geared towards each child and family. As someone who has seen a lot of shower caddies pass through, Nearpass she suggests determining what you need to store in your caddy before you shop for one. “Is it just a 3-in-1 shampoo-conditioner-body wash situation or do you also have a brush, a leave-in conditioner, some lotion and a razor and shaving cream?”

The other key point is material. Plastic is great for a portable, under-the-sink caddy since it’s easy to clean and won’t hold on to moisture, while stainless steel, though attractive, tends to attract rust and mold. Ahead, we rounded up the a range of the best shower caddies for any bathroom situation, from your first apartment to your forever home to orientation week at overnight camp.

Material: Stainless Steel | Size: 5.9 x 14.5 x 27.6 inches (adjustable)

Finding a shower caddy that fits in your shower, cleans easily and looks good is difficult enough, but it’s a particular pain when you add a new shampoo or soap to your rotation and realize that it’s too tall for the caddy you have. That’s why the Simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy is brilliant. Not only does it come in medium, large and extra-large, depending on the size of your shower and your household, it also has shelves that operate on a sliding system. What that means is that you can move them to accommodate taller bottles and ensure you always have enough clearance spaces between shelves. It’s built to last and to store whatever toiletries you throw at it. 

Material: Plastic | Size: 4 x 10.65 x 8 inches

If you don’t need to store a whole lot in your caddy, or if you’re simply looking for a more minimalist option than caddies that go over the showerhead, a corner caddy is the way to go. The problem with them is that they can easily slip down after multiple shower uses—the steam slowly loosens the adhesive or suction cup and then all your toiletries come crashing down. Not so with the OXO Corner Basket, which has suction cups activated by a lever, making them extra secure and sturdy. The caddy base is also made from plastic, which is easy to clean and wont’ attract mildew or rust. 

Material: Plastic Size: 11.6 x 9.8 x 8.4 inches

This is the shower caddy that Lauren Nearpass most recommends to campers, and it would similarly be perfect for a college dorm. “The plastic ones have structure and can easily go in and out of the shower, sit on the floor inside the shower, and the ones we like have holes in them for water drainage and allow the products in them to dry really quick,” Nearpass says. This fits all those criteria, and it’s inexpensive enough that you could even buy multiples to organize different products or to store cleaning supplies under a sink. As a bonus it also has raised feet, which means that it’s raised slightly above the shower floor, allowing it to dry out quicker. 

Material: Aluminum | Size: 4.1 x 16.9 x 28.6 inches

If our top overall pick for shower caddy doesn’t suit your needs, look to this OXO three-tier shower caddy—a sturdy, sleek storage unit that looks like it could come from the Apple store. This caddy has a rust-proof anodized aluminum finish and two systems for making sure your caddy stays put: a grippy hook to secure it to your shower head and suction cups to keep it stuck to the wall. It also includes holes for bottles in the bottom of its shelves, meaning you can store shampoo and body wash upside down for maximum efficiency. 

Material: Aluminum | Size: 3.9 x 12 x 62.3 inches

A tension shower caddy is an excellent way to instantly put multiple shelves into your bathroom, and it’s particularly ideal for a larger household or if your shower is made of a material that makes other adhesives or suction cups difficult to stick to. The OXO pole shower caddy is pricey, but incredibly sturdy, capacious and easy to clean. The shelves are ventilated, meaning that you won’t get as much accumulation of soap scum. They’re also adjustable, so you can stagger them however it makes sense for you and your household’s shower use. The set includes four shelves including one shelf with a soap tray and another with hooks for a razor or shower pouf. 

Material: Plastic | Size: 11 x 3.5 x 4 inches

This Umbra shower caddy’s design is simple but smart—it connects three plastic baskets on an aluminum chain that hooks over the door. The plastic baskets are deep and spacious, and they’re also perforated at the bottom, meaning that there’s no build-up of standing water if you hang it on your shower door and that they’re easy to wipe clean. It’s also an inexpensive shower caddy solution for a first apartment or vacation home, if you want to have more space for shower organization but don’t want to sink a lot of money into it. 

Material: Aluminum | Size: 13.2 x 30.5 x 8.5 inches

If you need to fit a lot of toiletries in your shower, experts recommend using a caddy that isn’t hanging off your shower head—too much weight can cause the head to slip off, or even cause plumbing problems. Rather, opt for a model like our best tension shower caddy or this clever Simplehuman Corner Shower Caddy, a model that fits on the corner of your tub and provides for two large shelves for storage. The shelves are a wire design and include spots to hang razors or washcloths, and the legs are non-slip, so they’ll stay put no matter what you put in it.

Best Adhesive Shower Caddy: Kincmax Bathroom Traceless Organizer

Material: Stainless Steel | Size: 5.1 x 12.6 x 5.1 inches

This caddy includes two basket shelves that you can put up anywhere it makes sense in your bathroom, plus four movable hooks. The coated stainless steel construction means that it won’t rust and the adhesive doesn’t require drilling, suction cups or screws. You simply place the adhesive strip where you want the shelf to hang, wait for it to secure to the wall and hang the shelf. No muss, no fuss. It’s a great option for installing shelves into a shower in a rental apartment, since you can remove the adhesive when you leave—simply heat with a hairdryer for three to five minutes until it loosens enough to remove it. 

Material: Steel | Size: 7 x 5 x 26.5 inches

A good way to make sure your shower caddy doesn’t rust is to have a caddy that doesn’t live in the shower. The Yamazaki Tall Shower Caddy is meant to sit next to the shower, not inside it, and provides an attractive, convenient solution to store all your toiletries. It comes in both black and white color options and is equipped with three shelves to easily store all your shower necessities.

How To Clean A Shower Caddy?

Metal or plastic shower caddies can be cleaned easily with soap and water. For plastic caddies, avoid abrasive cleaners like bleach or ammonia; these can cause plastic to discolor and weaken over time. If your caddy is really dirty, many of them can go directly into the dishwasher, as well. If your shower caddy has gotten rusty, simply scrub with a mixture of white vinegar and water to get the rust off.

How To Choose A Shower Caddy?

First, take a look at your shower accessories. How many things do you use and how much room will they occupy? If you’re really precise you can measure them against the capacity of shower caddies you’re eying, but even a general idea is a good start. Second, think about where you want the caddy to go. Under the sink? Over the door? In the corner? Then measure the space to make a selection. Lastly, evaluate your overall bathroom style and choose an option that fits right in your decor.

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