bento bins recreate japanese architecture by tadao ando, sou fujimoto, and SANAA

Architectural bento containers from japan


The Bento Architecture style collective – comprising Sekiya Takumi, Oishi Shohei, Iida Eimi, and Sakamoto Shunta – in Japan has recreated the architecture by revered Japanese architects this sort of as Tadao Ando, Sou Fujimoto, and SANAA into food items-filled bento bins. Their playful technique to consuming foods has brought in puzzle-wanting bento packing containers that folks can dine in or lug with them.


The 4-membered Bento Box style studio says it designs to design a new bento experience by turning some of the popular architecture in Japan into lunch packing containers and delivering them to the globe. Bento bins focused to Tadao Ando, Sou Fujimoto, and SANAA could only be their introduction. ‘We think by creating new bento boxes, we can design new bento experiences, and we hope to introduce well-known Japanese architecture to the world in the sort of bento boxes,’ suggests the group.

images courtesy of Bento Architecture | photographs by Ko Tsunoda and Kakuta Wataru (unless of course mentioned)



Tadao Ando’s Row Dwelling bento box


Tadao Ando’s Row Residence in Sumiyoshi is presented as the initial lunch box of Bento Architecture. The architecture is replicated on two ranges, with four unique spaces and its personal patio. The bento box’s cross-part reveals the open courtyard, enabling diners to see the bed of rice and aspect dishes. ‘Rekindle the enjoyment of opening the bento box. Not just from higher than, but also from the aspect,’ states the group.


A courtyard divides the two-storey bento box into two sections, generating 4 fully unique places. It has a bridge that joins the spaces separated by the courtyard. The chopsticks transfer back again and forth amongst the rice and side dishes, just like people transferring involving their bedrooms and residing space.


The Row Dwelling in Sumiyoshi is the debut function of Tadao Ando whose unique element emerges from the open courtyard in the middle. On wet days, this home calls for to use an umbrella to use the restroom throughout the courtyard. This style and design staff designed the bento box as a way to take pleasure in the open up and shut areas of Ando’s architecture.


bento boxes tadao ando sou fujimoto sanaa
row dwelling in sumiyoshi section drawing and the scale model | picture © designboom



Sou Fujimoto’s Tokyo Apartment bento box


Sou Fujimoto’s Tokyo Condominium is a housing advanced manufactured up of a collection of modest properties a assortment of compact areas. ‘What if we were being to collect small bento containers jointly to kind a one bento box? What kind of foodstuff practical experience would be established?’ asks the group.


The end result will come by a collection of bento items that can be stacked and taken out to expose and conceal the food. Smaller bento containers make up a person massive bento box. When lined up one particular by a single, they develop into the centerpiece of the desk, an analogy that the team compares to a eating desk with many side dishes.


‘It’s just a single bento box, but it’s quite a few bento containers. This is a bento box that makes a new way of accumulating together,’ claims the group. Together with Fujimoto’s architecture, the structure group also draws on the melting pot in Tokyo pushed by individuals from distinct cultures. Relatively than squeezing them all into 1 room, the bento is a assortment of independent areas. 


bento boxes tadao ando sou fujimoto sanaa
Tokyo Apartment by Sou Fujimoto



SANAA’s Museum of Modern day Art Bento Box


From higher than, SANAA’s museum function may well resemble a giant plate with a lot of side-dish saucers. Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa of the architectural group depends on the concept of architecture that is open to the town when they conceived their round venture. The bento box follows the identical path and makes a significant spherical plate with various little saucers and boxes


‘A round bento box is a bento box that can be rotated to see a diverse look at of the exact bento box. Just one change, and the side dish that was suitable in entrance of you a second back will turn into distant, and a new dish is in entrance. The entrance modifications, every time you flip this bento box,’ states the team.


In actuality, the SANAA bento box imagines box-formed containers in various styles and measurements to playfully combine and match meals. Creativity comes to participate in as diners stylize their foodstuff by filling the empty packing containers, alike Tadao Ando and Sou Fijimoto bento containers, with substances and foods that will suit the containers. The result may well arrive out as a vibrant range of appetizing classes in enjoyable bites.


bento boxes tadao ando sou fujimoto sanaa
tokyo residences, 2006 | picture © designboom

bento boxes tadao ando sou fujimoto sanaa
21st Century Museum of Modern Art by SANAA

bento boxes tadao ando sou fujimoto sanaa
kanazawa museum of present-day artwork of the XXI century, ishikawa, japan (1999-2004) by SANAA | picture © SANAA

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