AWS Publishes Reference Architecture and Implementations for Deployment Pipelines

AWS not long ago introduced a reference architecture and a established of reference implementations for deployment pipelines. The advised architectural styles are centered on most effective procedures and classes gathered at Amazon and purchaser jobs.

The Deployment Pipeline Reference Architecture (DPRA) describes the phases and actions for distinct kinds of pipelines and how teams can boost the velocity, balance, and safety of computer software programs through the use of deployment pipelines. Sébastien Stormacq, principal developer advocate at AWS, points out the position of reference architectures:


I often hear that our documentation and tutorials are great methods to get started out with a new company or a new concept. Nevertheless, when you want to scale your use or when you have complex or company-grade use instances, you often lack the methods to dive further.



The DPRA presently handles only software pipelines, with ideal methods for pipelines deploying compute photos, account fleet administration, and dynamic configuration still less than enhancement. The implementations rely predominantly on AWS instruments, such as the a short while ago released CodeCatalyst, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, and CodeGuru but third-occasion tools can be made use of as possibilities. For instance, Trivy is picked out in the implementations to detect vulnerabilities in software dependencies.

A reference implementation of an application pipeline from DPRA available on GitHub incorporates a CI/CD pipeline to develop a sample software and deploy it across diverse accounts working with CloudFormation.

Packaged making use of the CDK and deployed on Fargate, the sample applications are designed with Spring Boot and run on Corretto, the OpenJDK distribution managed by AWS. Stormacq provides:


They go effectively further than the common “Hi Planet” instance: They document how to architect and how to employ elaborate deployment pipelines with several environments, numerous AWS accounts, several regions, guide approval, automated screening, automated code analysis, and so forth.


While it paperwork the obligatory and optional factors of the architecture, the DPRA however occasionally simplifies the deployment as the documentation acknowledges:

This reference implementation has deliberately not adopted the adhering to AWS Effectively-Architected very best tactics to make it accessible by a wider selection of consumers. Be certain to address these ahead of employing this code for any workloads in your possess environment.

For case in point, the sample software relies on HTTP listeners as an alternative of HTTPS types to prevent developing new ACM certificates and Route53 hosted zones.

Clare Liguori, senior principal program engineer at AWS, earlier wrote the manual Automating harmless, hands-off deployments which describes Amazon’s encounter with completely automatic pipelines and, balancing deployment basic safety and deployment speed.

The DPRA is obtainable for free but buyers are billed for the means made by the reference implementation.

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