How to Dress for a Party

Buying a new dress can be fun because the shopping in never just about the dress. Shoes, purses, jewelry, and accessories are typically purchased at the same time. It becomes an event for some woman. Preparing the desired style for that upcoming party takes planning, timing, and a lot of mixing and matching in the mirror.

Start with the Dress

The process begins with a new dress for a party. The whole look will center around that one dress. Consider the occasion for the party. A birthday party or a summer barbecue, for example, implies simple and casual style.

This is the right time for a comfortable flowing dress of any length. Skin tight will not work at this occasion. Find a cute mini dress, an A-line jersey style, or a cotton summer dress with a great pattern. An evening occasion may require a fancy and fitted dress, while a gallery opening is the ideal place for a maxi dress.

The most important factor to keep in mind is a certain level of comfort. Even at a formal or special event, comfort has to be considered. No woman will enjoy the occasion if she is pinched by those heels, or cannot breath in that dress. Looking stunning is the goal, but do not totally sacrifice comfort.


Select shoes based on the activity. Heels are not practical for a barbecue or beach party. Flip flops will not do at a professional gathering. Casual flats or a classic pump will go with anything worn for any occasion. Sandals are comfortable and elegant, and some styles look fine with a pair of sneakers.

The type of purse has to be practical for the setting. Do not carry a clutch to a picnic or bar as it can get lost or stolen easily. A long shoulder strap will work because it can be worn off the shoulder or diagonally across the chest for security. A clutch is fine for formal occasions like weddings and dinner parties.


The total costs can quickly get out of control so it may be better to shop online to get lower pricing. Find a clothing website that offers a wide variety of dresses, and also has all the accessories required. That will save money on the purchases and the shipping. Buying at one site will often result in free shipping because the total amount will be enough to qualify.