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For to make a good impression, you must take proper care of your body. High standards of personal cleanliness must be adhered to always. By neglecting to observe proper hygiene, we will be exposing ourselves to diseases and illnesses that are caused by pathogens. Personal body cleanliness requires a lot of dedication and commitment if we expect to live healthily. Our bodies are made of various parts, and each section needs its form of cleaning. For instance, the manner in which we keep our mouths clean is very different from the way we were our feet. Owing to the sensitivity and the critical role of the mouth, we must ensure that it remains clean still.

Brushing our teeth with recommended toothpaste and gargling with clean water are the fundamental tips that we must always follow. Those two simple task, if done daily, you will have a healthy mouth for quite a long time. However, if choose to do away with those two basic practices ignorantly, then you may end up with some serious oral diseases. The oral diseases can be very disturbing and painful, and so you will have to visit a Dentist. It is vital to have prior knowledge of the services you can get from a dental clinic and a brief idea of who will perform the procedures.

A dentist, also known as a dental surgeon is a person that has gone to a medical school and qualified to handle complications and illnesses that attack our oral cavity. We can also professionally describe a dentist as a medical practitioner who performs dentistry operations. If you randomly ask people to tell you what a dentist does as a profession, you will be shocked to learn that majority of them think that dentist only remove teeth from their patients. This misconception is ignorant and misplaced. In real sense, the dentistry field of medicine is vast and the procedure requires high level of precision. In simple terms, dentistry is what a dentist is qualified to do. Dentistry is divided into three parts namely Preventive Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry. Each of the above mentioned category of dentistry is designed to cover their own line of specialized treatment.

The the first category mentioned earlier (preventive dentistry) involves the preemptive measures taken to curb unexpected oral illness. Preventive dentistry is a pro-active measure in fighting oral infections. Just as the name suggests, restorative dentistry mainly focuses on the dental surgery procedures that are done on infected mouth parts with the aim of reverting them to their previous form. Cosmetic dentistry is more of a luxury or a prestige-oriented type of dental surgery that lays emphasis on developing the smile, cheekbones, the chin and other facial parts so that the patient can improve self-confidence and esteem.

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